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January 19, 2010


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Greg Arnold, DC, CSCS

Obama's actions continue to tell me I voted correctly for Nader for my progressive values (Kucinich was my first pick). He told us on the campaign trail he would escalate in Afghanistan but said in a town hall as an IL Senator that "we can do single payer once we take back the White House and both Houses of Congress".

But when I saw that the banks and healthcare companies were his biggest donors, I knew we wouldn't get the change we needed on healthcare.

If the 2008 election has taught us anything, it's that it doesn't matter who is in the White House, they don't make the decision. 4 words: PUBLIC FINANCING OF ELECTIONS.

Until that happens, no "progressive" candidate will ever be elected.

The idiots on the Right continue to call Obama a communist even though his top 2 economic advisors helped engineer NAFTA. Morons.

Michael Dixon

A looming question is just how much anyone who thinks outside the old policy confines of the old Clinton Democratic Leadership Caucus is welcome in the Obama tent. With Rahm Emanuel calling Democratic legislators who don't hew the Obamatactical line "f--king idiots," with Bob Rubin of Citibank's proteges like Larry Summers running economic policy and that Nazi Gates running defense, and the Clinton pardoner Holder running justice where are the proressives supposed to hang their hats. Where are the Bob Kuttner's or Barry Bluestones of yesteryears. Where are the things that transform government forever, like transparency, and individual accountability for performance. Why isn't Guantanamo closed and where is the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell, the withdrawl from Iraq and the dialogue with Arab states that aren't foreign aid clients like Mubarak's Egypt. Where is robust foreign aid and foereign economic development. Hillary Clinton's speech on january 6 said everything, so it said nothing-she sounded just like Condolezza Rice and as much at the center of policy making as Rice. Now Obama has a commission on the deficit and one on entitlements on the drawing board. Can anyone spell Bush.

Jim Pence

Michael Dixon,
I hear ya!

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