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March 24, 2009


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Richard Dillon

Great post Jim. Let me choke the water out of my lungs and shake it out of my ears and I may be able to add something...

Mountain Man

The reason that Barack Obama is letting the rest of us drown is because Barack has been sold a bill of goods called "global trade" when in actuality the correct terms would be dumping by a foreign entity. On March 24, 2009 Zhou Xiaochuan, Beijing's central bank governor, called for a global currency. This is an issue that we need to keep a close watch on Mitch McConnell on as he would sell us out to the Communists in a heartbeat because he hates the United States and loves China. There is NOTHING in Section 8 of our Constitution about a global currency and there is nothing in our Constitution about the Congress or Senate being able to “delegate” their authority. Until Barack Obama and the rest of the UnAmerican trash in Washington become LOYAL Citizens of the United States we will all be in for a rough ride. The trash in the Republican Party started this “global” crap and the Democrats have bought off on it.

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