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March 03, 2009


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Mountain Man

Since Mitch only supports free enterprise and manufacturing for his constituents in Communist China, he probably is still able to feel a little guilt for the way he has ignored the Citizens of the United States. Tax dollars are the only way for him to create jobs in Kentucky without disturbing his unswerving relationship with the Communists. No man can serve two masters and we truly see who Mitch McConnell's master is. As Mitch said in 2006 we need to invest in the "developing economies of China and India". Never mind that this is one of the factors that has caused a major economic depression in the United States.

Richard Dillon

Another great reply Mountain Man.

Mitch wants to invest in the slave labor of Communist China and India. He will do all he can to make sure workers are exploited and cares little if they work long hours for no pay. His problem with American workers is they will not work for $1 a week. Since in China they have no rights that is why Mitchie wants to invest there.

Funny how he is supposed to be against Communism but he sure doesn't mind exploiting workers who have no rights under Communism!!

Best wishes, I always enjoy reading your replies!!


Mitch has gone from pork for river front projects to Bike trails must be more votes in bikes riders

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