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September 20, 2007


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Jim A. Stivers

Yesterday I got up and did the regular routine most Americans go through everyday. I got cleaned up, trying to present a decent image and went to the unemployment office. After waiting for a time, I got to talk to a counselor. That’s what they call a person that is not a psychologist that tries to help one get through the depression of NOT HAVING A JOB. Man it is a DOWNER for sure.

Actually, I had a job for twenty years working for a big old company; we made underwear for most of America. It was a good job, well not a great job, but a good job considering their ain’t many jobs available this far back from the Interstate highways. And that is where my family lives.

Every day, just like clock work, I was on time for work, as a matter of fact, I always showed up a little early for work as my fellow workers were my family too. We had coffee together and talked about our family.

We had been together a long time and we must made over five million pair of underwear that were sold in the USA. And that made me proud, even tho I couldn’t see them; I knew a lot of America was walking around in my underwear. Well, not actually my own, but you get what I mean.

I liked working there and so did some of my relatives. It was actually the only place in the county where you could find a good job and keep it. And in my rural county A JOB is a big deal. We love to work here in this county and we appreciate the employment. I guess that is why everybody works so hard.

We had a softball team that was pretty good too. And, it was mostly the employees at the Underwear Factory that played on the team. Girls and boys, men and women, we were a tight group and there was no real concern, for the softball team, that the group was mixed, with men and women.


You know that was something I look forward to each month. It was a real joy, to have so much fun, with the people I worked with. Must have been over 1000 workers in the plant so we had to have a league later on and that was a lot pleasure too. We had to be completive and do good work cause we knew that was the way to hold your job. It was like having an extended family.

My son later got a job at the Underwear Factory. I would have preferred he get a College Education, but we never cared much for education, other than high school. You see, when you grow up around here you go to work soon as you get out of High School, it kind helps on family expenses.

We always had a big crowd for church on Sunday and a lot of the people that worked at the Underwear Factory were DEACONS and ELDERS. I was proud of them for being so good to one another. Life was pretty good for a long time, with my job and my son’s job and my relative’s jobs, at the Underwear Factory.

I’m just a simple person that does not take a lot of interest in what is going on all over this big old world, I mean it’s a big world and keeping up with news in the county was busy enough.

I was not paying no mind as to what was going on with them politicians in Washington. Hell, we got enough of them kind in our own county. They are all the same, all talk and not action.

I got to notice the semis, that delivered the cloth to the plant, were going down on the weekly deliveries. I didn’t see as many deliveries as we used to. I paid it no mind, just figured people was not buying as many underwear as they used to. But that didn’t make sense.

Well it was about six to eight months later I go to work and everybody is standing out front of the factory. I figured something was wrong; maybe someone was hurt on the night shift. Well, it didn’t take too long for me see what was going on. There was this sign on the door of my work place that said this factory is closing in two weeks. It went on to say: During this last two weeks we need you to help us take down the equipment and get it ready.

I could understand why everybody was mad and crying and feeling so bad. It kinda made me angry too, but . . . we didn’t even have a chance to talk to the boss and see why the plant was closing.

Well that went on for about two months. Then one day, the trucks pulled away, a big lock was put on the fence and everyone was supposed to STAY OUT. I thought, My God, I got twenty years of my life in this job and you they don’t even want to talk to us workers about maybe taking a little pay cut, or working extra hours, just to keep our job. But, they didn’t offer that. The six dollars per hour was not great but, a bunch of us was willing to give up a dollar or two to help the company.

It’s been a year now and I have done odd jobs of all sorts, I aint too proud to get my hands dirty, but somehow, no matter how hard I worked at the part time jobs, I just couldn’t keep up with what I was gettin when I worked at the garment factory. And, since it was the only place in the county, where you could get a “good job”, them days was over.

I was watching the TV one evening and saw this news thing on CNN about how the USA was trying expand trade with some kind of thing called NAFTA. Hell, I didn’t know what that stood for. That kinda struck my mind as something I ought to know more about. Just maybe this NAFTA thing or whatever they call, just maybe the people that got that going was the people that took my job. Dang, it made me mad.

At church one Sunday, the preacher said this trade thing with them foreign countries in taking away our jobs and sending them to MEXICO and CHINA and places like that. Damn, I thought all this time I was thinking maybe we were not good enough workers that why they closed the plant. Hell that ain’t true. I said this to myself, cause I didn’t “cuss” in front of the preacher.

The preacher said it would help if we could get a bunch together and write a letter to the President of the United States, Bill Clinton. I never was one to write letters or call politicians cause you couldn’t believe a thing they said. Well, we got a bunch together and we wrote the President. We were thinking: “Damn right our President is going to be madder than a hornet about this.”

Well we got this fancy letter from some person, but not Bill Clinton . . . and we learned he wuz the very feller that got this thing going. I was mad at Bill Clinton and I called the man that was my Senator and told him how mad I wuz. He agreed with me and said he would speak to Bill Clinton.

I don’t know what has happened in my country. I went to work everyday, was never late, worked extra time without clocking in for overtime, and went to church with my family every Sunday. I was good to my family and encouraged them to get a job at the garment factory. Maybe I was wrong in doing that?

There was a group of us that just could not accept it, so we went to a local attorney. Well, he had to look up this NAFTA up in a book, as he didn’t know much about it either. After reading a time & us waiting to find out what we could do . . . the lawyer man turned to us and told us it was federal law and there was absolutely nothing anyone could do about but THE CONGRESS.

I knew then, our jobs would never be back.
I got to thinking: “Why would the company do this to all us, we had been good workers and the boss seemed pleased at the amount of work we could do in one day.” Well my son he got a job a McDonalds and some of my relatives got to work at WalMart. Those jobs wasn’t too good cause they worked odd hours and they very seldom got to work a full forty hours in the week.

It was somewhere along that time I just lost hope. And, strange thing about this HOPE, if you ain’t got it, there ain’t no will to go on. I just don’t know what I am going to do. Maybe we will move one of them big states with lots more jobs. I just don’t understand what we did to make em let all of us good workers go.


Jim Anderson Stivers
Frankfort, KY.

Jim A. Stivers

Who is the REAL HILARY?
This story, from CBS news, is more revealing than any story we have seen so far about THE REAL HILARY CLINTON. How soon we forget, or how soon, they hope we will forget. I have not forgotten. The Clintons are the biggest frauds to be in American politics, since Richard Nixon.
Read this story from CBS! The Teflon may be coming off SENATOR HILARY CLINTON’S BID TO BE THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE. This is the THE REAL HILARY!

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) last week flew into a sudden burst of media wind shear. After months of mostly rosy portrayals of her campaign’s political skill, discipline and inevitability, the storyline shifted abruptly to evasive answers, shady connections and a laugh that sounded like it was programmed by computer.
Jim Anderson Stivers

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