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February 13, 2007


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McConnell definately needs to come clean with whatever really happened with his discharge. His willingness to rubber-stamp every idea Bush has to get young people killed in war makes this of relevant to Ky voters. These chickenhawks talking like General Patton is getting insulting...


Would have expected no less, from a true chickenhawk!


Using McConnell's service number in the google I found this in the comments here;

The missing part of the story-�

Alan Lynch, a Lexington Postal Clerk, served in the 100th Army Reserve Unit, Louisville, Kentucky. He was in another unit in 1964 but the Army did a consolidation of units and he was transferred to the 100th in 1965 or 1966. He performed several duties while he served in the military ��postal clerk and personnel officer. Mr. Lynch has a remarkable story about the summer of 1967.

The summary of the story is as follows:

In the summer of 1967 Lynch reported for his summer active duty in the 100th Training Unit Army Reserve. The Unit did their summer active duty at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. Lynch worked for S-1, the administrative arm of any army unit. Lynch worked for a Major, who was the assistant Adjutant and new to the unit. During his active duty in August of 1967 Lynch remembers coming into the office and noticed that the Major was upset. He asked him what was going on and the Major told him the following:

�A new member of the 100th Army Reserve Unit in Basic Training at Ft. Knox was arrested in the barracks for sodomy. The guy is getting out of the military and the excuse will be due to an illness� an eye disorder. The Major then told a joke about it saying �I guess the guy couldn�t see the difference between guys and girls.��

Lynch asked him how this guy could accomplish this and get a release from the army. The Major told him that the soldier had served as an intern to Senator John Sherman Cooper and Senator Cooper called the Commanding General of Ft. Knox to arrange the discharge.

At the time the Major told Lynch the name of the soldier but the name didn�t stick to his brain. Lynch said frankly it was not important at the time because the name McConnell meant nothing to him. It was not until the issue was raised in McConnell�s senate race of 1990 that he remembered the incident. Lynch provided the information to reporters with the Courier Journal and Herald Leader but they did nothing with it because they didn�t have any real evidence. They only have the story of Lynch.

McConnell has been able to brush this whole thing off as a �tempest in a teapot.�

Somebody needs to track Alan lynch down and ask him, if this report is true.

Fed Up

This has been floating around cyber space but it needs to be on the TV ads. It would help us finally "ditch Mitch" (remember the Swift Boaters?). I hate negative campaigning as much as the next guy, but as the Republicans keep reminding us ... we need full it's not negative when you're just asking for the facts.

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